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Get to know real food

Real food—nourishment—is a foundational part of the human experience. So where does that leave people who use feeding tubes? Their options were limited to medical formulas requiring round-the-clock feeding, or blenderized foods that were hard to make.

Nutricia believed it was time to get real: Ready-to-eat nutrition that made real food accessible to people with feeding tubes. Real foods. Real blends. Real impact. The market was hungry for something different—our campaign introduced a new way to talk about a blenderized diet for people with feeding tubes.


Empower tube-fed patients and their caregivers by offering a 100% real food option to bring back the pleasure of real food to the tube-feeding experience.


Created a campaign with distinct and ownable assets to connect patients with feeding tubes and their caregivers to the only ready-to-feed blenderized food option made with 100% real food.